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First appearance 2005-03-29
Known appearances 61

Zorblaxians are a recurring species of aliens in SMBC. They have short green bodies with long heads and large black eyes, and usually wear purple sleeveless outfits. Their first appearance is in 2005-03-29, in which an alien with a different appearance from the current design is shown, being taller, having a veiny textured head, and red sleeved outfits. The name "Zorblaxian" was introduced in 2009-12-11, and they developed into their current appearance throughout 2010. They originate from the planet Zorblax, as mentioned in 2011-07-10 (not to be confused with President Zorblax in 2006-05-26), though in A-meat-race, it's implied that Zorblax is the name of their star, while the planet is Zorblax-7. They travel in flying saucers which they use to abduct humans.

One recurring human character is a man with short orange hair who got abducted and is frequently used as a test subject by Zorblaxians. He is often depicted naked or almost naked, such as in Politics-3.

Some names which have been used for individual Zorblaxians include Zortran, Mendax, Zorgax, and Zorthak.

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