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That uni-foursome is, to be clear, entirely for procreation.
Title text: That uni-foursome is, to be clear, entirely for procreation.




There are multiple pieces of irony present in this comic. First, the man is praying to "Evolution", not a god (as would be commonly expected and is done in multiple other comics). Evolution responds to the man's question - a query about Earth biology and reproduction - stating that God, in fact, is a contributing fact to the man's answer.

The reason given for sexual reproduction almost always being binary (i.e. requiring one and only one of each of a "male" and "female" participant to produce offspring) is that all the other species with more complex reproductive systems were rendered extinct by the Great Flood of the Bible, since they would need over two animals to reproduce and Noah's Ark only took two of each animal.

Examples are then given, presumably by Evolution, of various species that reproduced with more than two members. The first is the "three-bro-ed sloth", a pun on the three-toed sloth. The second is the "daisy chain orangutan", supposedly a species of orangutan. "Daisy chains", named after garlands produced with daisies, usually refer to circular group connections in the contexts they are used, and are presumably the manner in which this species reproduces. The line "Circle of [LIFE]" references the song Circle of Life from The Lion King.

The final species shown are simply "unicorns", a mythological creature that doesn't exist in real life (because, at least according to the comic, they went extinct in the Great Flood). Only a silhouette is shown of four unicorns in extremely strange positions. The title text, which asserts that the positioning is "entirely for procreation", makes the situation even stranger, as it is implausible that anything could possibly reproduce in this manner.

In the last panel, Evolution states that God was most irked by the "unicornucopias", or reproduction sessions likely depicted in the previous panel. The man, instead of being repulsed or weirded out by the information, is instead angry at God for wiping out the unicorns and thus preventing "unicornucopias" from ever happening again. An alternative explanation may be that the man is repulsed by unicorns now – so much so that he is angry at God for ever creating them (as accepting the story of Noah's Ark as true would likely imply that God had a hand in aspects of creation as well, including creating unicorns and their "unicornucopias".


[A man is praying in his room.]
Man: Dear Evolution, how come sexual reproduction is almost always binary? Why not allow more complex genetic mixing?
Evolution [represented by a green speech bubble with various plants, body parts, etc. surrounding it]: Read your Bible.
[Close-up on the man's puzzled face.]
Evolution: Noah built an ark. Only allowed two of each kind. That was the end of a lot of species.
[Three sloths in a group hug with closed eyes and tongues extended.]
Banner: The three-bro-ed sloth
[At least three orangutans in a group, with their arms waving in the air.]
Banner: The daisy chain orangutan
Orangutan 1: It's a cirrrrrclllle...
Orangutan 2: Circle of LIIIIIIFE
[The silhouette of four unicorns in a row.]
Banner: Unicorns
[Back in the man's room. The man looks frustrated.]
Evolution: I think it might've been the "Unicornucopias" that got the Lord miffed.
Man: I can forgive Him for drowning the world but never for this.

Votey Transcript[edit]

[Evolution speaking with the man staring forward.]
Did you know that phoenixes actually rise from asses?

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